What is the Four Fit Challenge?

It is a challenge that should make us think more about sustainable fashion. How we shop today is not sustainable for our planet. By using only four clothes for a week we want to get everyone to reflect on their needs and desires, their shopping behaviour and how many garments you really need in your closet.

Whats the point? Should we stop shopping?

The purpose of the challenge is to stop all the hype around the fashion and clothing. Of course you shouldnt stop shopping but the challenge is to learn how to shop smarter and more sustainably. To think before you buy new, choose second hand, buy garments of high quality that will last longer, swap and sell clothes you no longer use at the flea market.

But just four clothes, you cant live like that

No, the idea is not that you should only use four garments forever. The idea is to have a tough challenge that makes you think. Maybe you can manage with eight or ten pieces of clothing?

Four clothes. Thats too easy.

Yahoo. Youre already a four fitter. Sign up today and show you shop and dress sustainably. 

Do I have to combine 7 outfits?

Absolutely not. The challenge is as much about reducing the stress of always having new clothes and styling. Challenge yourself to wear the same outfit for a few days - will anyone notice? Will it feel strange? Or even liberating?

Or unleash your creativity and combine seven different outfits. You complete the challenge in a way that feels fun and challenging for you.

Can I wash my clothes during the challenge?

YES. The big problem with textiles is manufacturing. To produce 1 kg of cotton requires 29,000 litres of water and 1 kg of chemicals. In countries that lack strict environmental standards and regulations.

BUT. Naturally, we should think about washing less in general, often its enough to air clothes. Clothes wear out more quickly if they are washed often.

Cant you recycle textiles?

Theres still no large-scale textile recycling. A small part goes to upholstery but to extract fibres from the fabric to sew the new textiles is difficult. 80% of all textile waste in Sweden is incinerated and 20% is reused.

Until we can recycle textiles, we should shop smarter, for better quality, and reuse more.

What should I think about to shop sustainably?

Consider the second hand value of clothes Can I sell this when Im tired of it? Can I use it for several seasons? Also, think how other clothes in your wardrobe can match with new ones. If you cant put five combinations together, dont buy.

What are your best tips for the challenge? What clothes should I choose?

Think through all the occasions in the week and combine clothes to them e.g. I need to have my clothes on the playground with the kids, at the office and at the party this weekend.

Dresses can be both tops and complete clothes, a pair of jeans usually works in all situations, with a blouse and a nice t-shirt. Think about if you will get tired of its pattern after three or four days. Maybe you should choose a basic garment that can be spiced up with different accessories instead?

Choose smartly and strategically. Choose sustainable clothes.

What are the rules for outer garments, training and underclothes?

Is a cardigan or poncho an outer garment? Or must you have a jacket or coat? Are sweatpants workout clothes and can I wear them even if Im not training? Are tights underwear or garment?

How you interpret the challenge is up to you. Our goal is that everyone participating in the Four Fit Challenge will be greatly challenged and get lots of insights into shopping and clothes during the week. No one gets disqualified and everyone takes part after their own ability. We believe that everyone will do their very best. <3

PS. We think pantyhose is underwear. :-) DS.

How have other people reflected during the challenge?

The most common comments we picked up are:

I look at my wardrobe with new eyes. You realize how much you have to choose from.

You want to clear out and sell everything you dont use thats just hanging in wardrobe.

I think through what I buy and how I can combine new garments with the ones I already have.

Nice not having to worry about what to wear every morning.

Perfect. Less laundry and less clothes lying around.


Four Fit Challenge is good fun and good food for thought.